Talitha Koum (TK) Society welcomes women, including women with children (aged 6 and under) , into their homes who meet the following criteria:

  • You are 19 years of age or older
  • Addiction (alcohol and/or drugs) is your primary diagnosis and you have a continuing negative relationship with alcohol and/or drugs
  • You have done the necessary detox and have been drug and/or alcohol free*
  • Clients with a *Suboxone prescription are accepted.
  • You have been calling TK daily for the period of time stated by the Program Director to identify your readiness for our abstinence-based program.
  • You have funding in place or you are eligible to receive support from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.
  • You are willing to sign a 6 month letter of commitment to our program.

Admission is based on space availability and potential residents will be put on a waiting list if all beds are full. While on the waiting list, women are asked to continue to call to keep TK informed of their status and interest.