Our Homes

4.front doorTalitha Koum (TK) Society operates family-style homes in quiet, suburban residential neighbourhoods where women, including women with children, live in a supportive community with other residents. Each house can accommodate up to 9 women, or a combination of 9 women and children and is staffed with a Program Director, Facilitator and 24/7 Evening and Weekend Support Workers.


When women enter TK, they are coming to a home and not just a house; a caring, nurturing home with stability, responsibility and expectations. In addition to helping the residents feel safe while going through the recovery process, TK also teaches residents the basics of caring for a home.

Each resident has chores or tasks that must be performed regularly. As well as keeping their personal space clean and neat, all residents are responsible for daily and weekly chores both inside the house and in the yard. By the time a resident graduates, she has experience completing a variety of household responsibilities and is able to look after an entire home, providing a strong sense of accomplishment and self-worth.