1.Amanda_resident_rot_med My name is Amanda. I am 26 years old and I have a 5 year old son, Caden, who lives here at TK with me. I have struggled with addiction since I was about 12 years old. My addiction took me down a terrible dark path, where I ended up abandoning my son to my father‘s care. I was broken, scared, lonely, and filled with self-hatred. I couldn’t even look in the mirror because I began to hate who I saw looking back. I attempted to take my own life several times but was never successful. I came to a place of utter defeat, praying for death every day but waking every morning. I was referred to Talitha Koum by a friend and I started to call. I had thought about recovery several times but declined and stayed away due to the fact that I could not bring my son. Since I’ve come into this program, I have grown and learned so much. The society welcomed me and my son with open arms. TK has supported me through all my emotional trauma, loved me until I could love myself. I wake up safe every morning and the 2 biggest gifts I’ve received are the trust I’ve regained from my son and I no longer hate who I see in the mirror. TK is supporting me to enroll in school, working on my 12 steps. I owe my life to the Talitha Koum Society. I thank God every day that they were here for me to help me when I was unable to help myself.