10.Christmas partyHello, my name is Chas and I have been involved with Talitha Koum for 4 years now. I was first told about Talitha Koum when I was a federally-sentenced woman. I was addicted and at risk of homelessness and wanted to live my life differently but did not know where to start.

I am an aboriginal woman and I felt comfortable as soon as I got here. I have been clean for over 4 1/2 years now. Talitha Koum gave me direction and tools for life. My daughter and I stayed for almost a year before we moved out to our own home.

I have completed one year of a 4 year program in the Chemical Addiction field of study. I now work full time at Talitha Koum. I’ve taken our women to sweat lodge ceremonies and I teach them native spirituality. Talitha Koum is inclusive of all religions and races.

I would recommend Talitha Koum to anyone at risk of homelessness caused by addictions. This place has helped me in a warm, safe, loving and structured environment. I’m sure my life wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is now if I wasn’t introduced to this home. (September 2014)