Who We Are

Talitha Koum (|TK) Society is a non-denominational organization that houses and supports women with a history of addictions (and their children) in safe, nurturing homes in Coquitlam. TK provides small, intimate residences that are more reflective of a typical home where the women and their children can experience a normal daily routine lifestyle.

Talitha Koum are words spoken by Jesus meaning, “Little girl, I say to you arise”. This characterizes our primary mission of resurrecting the lives of marginalized women wanting to overcome their addiction(s) and rebuild their broken lives.

With our individualized programming, the women overcome their addictions and build up a sense of self-worth and dignity; necessary elements for reintegration into society. The ultimate goal of TK is to break the generational cycle of addiction, poverty and homelessness, where, upon graduating, the women and their children become productive, contributing members of their community.

The support staff who work directly with the women come from similar backgrounds and a number of them are TK graduates. We hire staff who have walked a similar path as our clients to provide encouragement, mentorship and guidance on the challenging journey of recovery. The Talitha Koum Society empowers women to overcome their addiction(s) and learn life skills fundamental for a future of well-being, hope, and self-sufficiency.