Loving Our Clients Back to Living

We are a compassionate recovery and life-skills program for women who are seeking to live addiction-free lives.

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Rise Up

“Talitha Koum” is ancient Aramaic for, “Little girl, rise up”—a motivational phrase we cite as we celebrate new life through addiction recovery. As a non-profit society, we assist women in healing from past trauma and overcoming addictions at two housing locations. Recognizing the importance of family, we also make accommodations for our clients’ children to stay with their mothers during their recovery journey. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive community environment for women to be able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. It’s how we, “Love our clients back to living.”

Our Program

When clients commit to Talitha Koum Society, they join a caring and nurturing home where they emerge with new life skills, a sense of accomplishment, greater confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Life at Talitha Koum Society includes

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Supportive Environment

There is a strong sense of family in our homes, with program graduates and current women in the program helping newcomers to adjust and thrive.
Supportive Environment - Talitha Koum Society
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12-Step Program

This includes a sponsor relationship, support calls and daily meetings for those who are new to the program.
12 Step Program - Talitha Koum Society
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Life-Skills Training

We provide training on a variety of topics, including: parenting, budgeting, cooking, organizational home skills and more.
Life Skills - Talitha Koum Society
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Group & Individual Counselling

We have Individual counselling bi-weekly, or weekly if requested, as well as weekly Group Counselling (including Art Therapy).
Counselling - Talitha Koum Society
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Arts & Crafts

We provide time and resources for a variety of artistic endeavours, allowing our clients to explore their creativity and have an outlet for self-expression.
Arts and Crafts - Talitha Koum Society
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Bible Studies

We offer a weekly, non-denominational Bible Study session to help our clients discern the path to travel on their journey to recovery.
Bible Studies - Talitha Koum Society

And much more. All of which is supported by a family of staff, volunteers and fellow clients, to ensure our residents feel safe and supported in their recovery process.

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Progressive Sealing
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Anglican Diocese of New Westminster
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Parishes of the Vancouver Archdiocese
Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul
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Redemption Church

The Talitha Koum Society is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Community Foundations of Canada working through the Coquitlam Foundation and PoCo Community Foundation.